Reply To: Tax blow for holiday home owners


@ashtondav wrote:


Much as i love the fiery rhetoric of the Righteous, I really don’t think you can lay the blame for the current World economic crisis, and its UK version on wee Gordy and the evil Labour party.

How naive. The current crisis was not a surprise or un-expected, it was widely predicted by many experts.

The facts are plain, governments have to control banks otherwise they will bankrupt the country. GB took away regulatory powers from the Bank of England and gave it to the FSA – which a has demonstrated utter incompetence.

Gordon also boasted of his light touch regime and praise the bankers.

Banks fail if they are not regulated properly, so the blame is entirely down the HMG.

@Katy wrote:

Not really what you would expect of a socialist Government is it Twisted Evil Not sure if the other side would be any better, I am sure they couldn’t do worse.

Nulabour in NOT a socialist party, its policies are identical to the Conservatives – boasting house prices/economy to get re-elected is a Tory classic. When the Tories get back in they will pursue the same policies and having a Tory government since 1997 would have us in the same position as we are now.