Reply To: Diary of a vendor!



This week I had, I think, my first contact from a “scammer” type person. He left a message, having seen the ad on one of the English language sites I’ve advertised on. Spoke English with a foreign accent which I couldn’t place. The country code from his call I thought was Italy but when I spoke to him he said he was in Israel! He asked me to email him more photos (even tho there were plenty in the ad) and said he’d text me his email address…which I’ve never received. What made me think he might be a scammer was when I asked him in which country he was, he asked me which country I was in!!!! 😯 You think you’d know which country the property was in that you were calling about…although he did say he was calling on behalf of his father so maybe I’m being skeptical!

Anyway, had another call from a lady in Huelva who’d seen the ad on mundoanuncio but I’ve not been able to speak to her yet even though I’ve called her back a few times and left messages on her voicemail twice… 🙄

Also had a call asking the price etc this week from a guy in town who’d seen the for sale sign on the house. He called back today and he and his wife (Spanish) are coming to view on Monday.

Oh and this week my ink cartridges arrived so I printed off some flyers and put them up round town in the papelerias, petrol station, library, adult centre etc etc…anywhere that lets you display ads! Next week I think I shall venture further afield with flyers, both Spanish and English.