Reply To: VIVA reborn?


PJ, You more than likely have close connections with VIVA in one form or another?

I, and many other Viva clients who I know personally have had similar experiences over the past 5 years!!
Yes, you’re correct that the Table rates their selling process rates higher than their after sales rating! I don’t know what date the Report was produced but I didn,t think there was anything stated that was out of context? A very fair representation I thought?

It’s also no coincidence that in general VIVA took ALL of their very high Sales commissions out of their Clients Deposits, leaving them with very little financial incentive to commit resources in the direction of After Sales care?

My opinion was formed over a 5 year period through my own and others experiences of buying through them and the poor performance of their highly recommended Solicitors.

As for Sour Grapes, No I don’t think so? I invested my hard earned money, fulfilled all of my commitments on time and I’m now happily living here in Spain.

My modest little web site put together in a couple of days only lists several properties that belong to me and a couple of friends.