Reply To: Diary of a vendor!



Today I had my first viewing, huzzah! (One more than many vendors have had đŸ˜‰ ).
Twas a French guy in the film industry who currently splits his time between a rented apt in Sevilla & his main home in France and is looking for his own place within striking distance of Sevilla. He spent a fair amount of time here and we got on well which was a bonus. He genuinely liked and seemed interested in the property and wants to send an architect friend of his round to check it out. He thought the price was very reasonable compared to others he’s seen and didn’t try to start haggling. He needs to sell a place in France though and wouldn’t be able to buy until June, but at least he was up front about that and I’m in no hurry. I told him he was the first to view the house and he said “maybe the last!” (that could be taken one of two ways lol).