Reply To: the Taylors problem



My nightmare has been going on for 6 years now with thousands of euros paid out no BG, change of solicitors, a house that is built but has no licence and the builders have not complied to Town hall regulations, an uninterested builder who won’t cooperate, a law suit going ahead. The outlook doesn’t look good, it just seems that the buyers are treated shabily and the solicitors and the builders and agents are the only ones who come out of this dam mess with anything its us that lose out.
We have done everything to try and get our money back which was half the cost of the property I think in the end we will just have to admit defeat.
What makes me angry is that the builder has had thousands of our money, not fullfilled his part of the contract, we are left with an illegal house if its knocked down we get nothing, hes had our money probably had a few holidays on us 👿 , the solicitors have been paid , the agents have had their commission. What about us surley the system can’t be right. I feel let down and so angry that so many lives have been ruined all over Spain in situations like ours. You trust the professionals expecting that they will look after your interests as their clients you hope they would be on your side. Fat chance ❗ We shouldn’t have to be experts on Spanish Law but if we want any kind of fare play I think we will all need to be more savvy about the unjust system currently inplace.

Ive no time for any of them they can all rot in a very hot place for all I care 😈 😈