Reply To: Why are illegal constructions not appearing in Spanish media



Yes, I was wrong with that statement. I thougth with the British rebate, the UK became a net receiver of European funds, but in fact not, it is a net donor.

However, this does not modify my point. EU is a club, and if you join it and accept being a net donor is your decision, nobody forces you to stay in the EU. If you stay, it is because you think there are more advantages than disadvantages (not the minor one being able to fly without problems and visas to nice countries to spend holidays there).

Xabi has made some brilliant comments.

I only want to state something: I know (from the press, not personally) corrupt politicians, corrupt architects, corrupt developers, corrupt bankers.

All these people have taken advantage of many issues.

However, in my normal life, and in the life of my family and friends, people are very honest, and lawyers are honest and good working people. Otherwise, they would be out of job rapidly if the rumour spreads they are not taking care of their clients.

My intuition is most (but not all) British that have come to Spain are living in a different world (both mentally and physically) as most Spaniards, and they came with a biased idea of what Spain is about. I think most British attracted, because of this attitude, the worst kind of Spaniards, which ripped them off.

I hope all British people who have been ripped off go to court and help us getting rid of those bastards. But just complaining about “Spanish culture” is, as Xabi states, some kind of cultural racism.

The problem is not “culture” but incentives. And when one goes with deep pockets, overpays 30-50%, and does not do due diligence, this person is giving all the incentives for crooks to take advantage of him/her.