Reply To: Why are illegal constructions not appearing in Spanish media



Well, it is very clear: allowing hotels to keep the entrance to the beach closed for the public is not a good way to be “social”. Beaches were public, but if you have to walk on the sand about 7km, not many people do it, and beaches become effectively private.

This does not happen in Spain, where the first line after the beach is usually a “paseo marítimo”, and land owners around the sea must leave a path for the public to reach the sea.

What I am saying is nobody is perfect and nobody is fully guilty. Everybody shares some responsibility. Most of it probably goes to developers and politicians, but some of it should go to foreigners who came to Spain and started to buy indiscriminately houses, destroying a stable market.

I have heard thousands of times Spaniads talking about the “stupid foreigners” which were paying 30-50% above market (or more). This created a lot of damage, and transformed many Spaniards in corrupt people willing to sell anything to “stupid foreigners”.