Reply To: Why are illegal constructions not appearing in Spanish media



@katy wrote:

Yes it’s true, many thousands do not know (except about Marbella). There are also many thousands who do not want to know. Why do you think GIL and other Mayors were re-elected after they had been arrested? Because Local people were doing very well out of construction…Nepotism and Patronage from their Leaders.

Similar with many British living here, they live in a bubble, appeasing the Spanish and accusing the fellow British of being naive! Most I speak to think the Property Market will pick up by the end of the year 🙄

Spain has lived on the construction sector for the last 10 years. They did not want the party to finish…

There is a new name for the generation of the last 10 years: “the brick generation”.

“Many economists say Spain’s economic growth lacked a solid foundation because it depended so heavily on construction and related industries. These accounted for up to 20 percent of GDP during real estate’s heyday, and now Spain needs a new model based on innovation and technology rather than bricks and mortar.The construction industry was like a train that dragged everything with it as it crashed,” said Sandalio Gomez, an economics professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona.”

The emperor really has no clothes…