Reply To: Paying to find properties


“Notice how the ones who come out in favour of this are mainly Agents. Some have now been property finders…how ethical is that when they were agents too. Cynical, moi! too right, I have seen it all They are just the same inexperienced chancers who tried to sell property”.

Must admit Katy your post ozzes with cynicism. To attack the ethical behavious of agents / property finders and tar them all with the same brush only to then have the hide to promote a “good honest agent” to whom you just happen to have their details…

You have all the attributes and show the behavioural characteristis of the AGENT to which you have shown so much disdain! Talking down one whilst talking up another.

Whilst i do not doubt the quality of your contact its a little hollow given the nature of your post.

Yes there are good Agents and bad Agents… but does’nt every profession have this? Surveyors, Policemen, Doctors…

I can vouch for the latter three!