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@katy wrote:

you as an Agent should be aware that you were all selling shit!!

I have no control over what happens in other companies, but your remark above was very definatley aimed at me personally and I don’t like that one bit! đŸ‘¿

Goodstitch, there were far more careless and unscrupulous agents than there were good ones, I am in full agreement with you on that. And I accept your apology humbley.

I chose to not grow too large purely to be certain I could vet every property I offered for sale. I speak good Spanish and read and copied all title deeds to every property, incl utility bills and IBI, in fact everything was kept filed. Then those title deeds were passed on to our lawyers to be individually confirmed in writing before I then allowed them to go into my windows and onto my website. If there was an illegal extension over 4 years old, I would probably offer the property for sale only if the window board description highlighted it and the build area stated did not include it.

There were many agents in my plaza that ridiculed me for my property descriptions and some of my staff, I would not allow the words Large Lounge or Beautiful views for example as those were opinions and not fact. Vendors who asked me to flower up their property descriptions were told NO!

I never held any clients money, they were told to find a lawyer and express their interest in writing before contracts and deposits were exchanged. I never allowed vendors to have their 10% deposits, they were to be held by their lawyers until the Notary. I did not want vendors to get divorced during the sale and one partner run off with the clients deposits!

In short if there were any pitfalls I would put in place a proceedure to ensure it never happened, in my opinion, to ensure everything goes well, these things have to be done.