Reply To: Who is JJB-Mijas?



Peter, your conduct may have been above reproach. I speak from experience having known many Agents over the years both professionally and personally. When we have put property on the market I would say 98% have never asked to see the escritura, or proof of ownership. Many people who I know who have bought on the CDS were not shown any resale property (or when they were it was purposely chosen as it was crap). The Agents then showed them a spanking new showhome….because they got more commission!

Some very nice people who I know were Agents and they all had the same properties on their books. Most of them had the same attitude “buyer beware”. A few years ago when the off-plan fiasco was in full swing it was difficult to get an Agent out to value and list a re-sale. The Agents who were basically honest were negligent by default, they were new to the job, did not speak Spanish and knew little of the system. I don’t think one can criticise Lawyers without including the majority of Agents. It is pot calling kettle black!