Reply To: Who is JJB-Mijas?


@katy wrote:

I agree with you re.service from Lawyers, however, you as an Agent should be aware that you were all selling shit!!

Katy, do not tar everyone with the same brush. In almost 10 years as an agent, I have never sold an unregistered, illegal property. I have not had a single client leave my offices without complete satisfaction and I have never sold property that I did not think was fair value.

I have refused around 80% of resale properties that were offered to me for legal or pricing issues, other agents have taken them on and sold them, I have made thousands less than I could have due to this policy and I’m happy with that. I have always charged the vendors 2% commission from the beginning and only ever sold a small selection of new build that I was happy with. All have been built, certificated and moved into.

You too Goodstitch are too quick to deflame the reputation of someone you have no experience or knowledge of, there are too many forum fortune tellers.

I would not be prepared to label those clients who were badly advised and cheated as all stupid and poorly researched, and therefore those who lost money should have a certain discernment towards those agents who are professionl and honest. It’s a simple case of decency.