Reply To: Who is JJB-Mijas?



Whether they have paid or not for the photo is irrelevant; it’s just gives further proof on where they get their inspiration from.

they plagiarised the idea of writing an article on the subject. the content is quite different, and they have missed out a few points that you covered.
This seems as bad as an reporter setting up a site revolving around spanish property and having a forum on it and then another reporter doing something similar.

This would be a good point if it wasn’t because the name they have given ‘their’ service was invented by me. Google it and you’ll see it’s not too popular (just ourselves and our imitators).

It looks like we may need to start setting-up trade marks to protect ourselves from our own “colleagues”. We have recently started using copyscape, just like you do on your own blog, but it isn’t of much help I’m afraid.

Lawbird has all the right to be displeased with JJB-Mijas’ attitude.