Reply To: "Problem area map" coming back?


I’m working on it Dave, but it’s a big job.

As you say, the map hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m working on integrating it in a new section in the blog (see news and views above), where the content does much better in search engine results than in this forum. That means more people will find it when they do searches using the names of the places listed on the map.

I also had a complaint about some information, which I needed to deal with. As the map has many editors I can’t be sure about the information being posted. It raises some issues I need to think about how to solve.

It also led me to review the whole idea, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Strikes me that focusing just on problems is the wrong way to go about it. To make the map more interesting and relevant to more people I think we need a Spanish property map that looks at the good as well as pointing out potential problem areas.

The idea is problems in red, and everything positive in blue. Much simpler and greater impact. The previous setup was too complicated and confusing.

Lots to do.