Reply To: Who is JJB-Mijas?


Fuengi (Andrew)

criticise viciously both the article and our law firm out of the blue

…. asking who is behind lawbirds, etc… is not particularly vicious in my opinion. Also amking a comment that the administrator of lawyers of spain, is a partner in the firm and how this could create a conflict of interest does seem to be a valid point.

This is not something new. Mr JJB-Mijas has a track record of starting threads in SPI or contributing posts with the sole aim of belittling Spanish law firms as well as other financial advisors based in Spain.

well…. he seems to belittle marbella legal firms more than spanish. Unfortunately many legal firms in marbella (as i’m sure you would agree) have not been a positive influence on the profession.
Would not make sense belittling spanish legal firms, when he’s part of one.

Yet he is careful to never post publicly the name of such a superb lawyer, he always PM’s his contact details in SPI

no comercial posts allowed

Moreover, not happy with this despicable attitude, they’ve also plagiarised a legal article from us copying even the name of the legal service which we created.

* Our original article on Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership published on the 14th November 2007 and signed by its author.
* Their plagiarised legal article on Deed of Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership published posted very recently on their website, unsigned and undated.

they plagiarised the idea of writing an article on the subject. the content is quite different, and they have missed out a few points that you covered.
This seems as bad as an reporter setting up a site revolving around spanish property and having a forum on it and then another reporter doing something similar.

Still not happy with the above, they are additionally using some of the same corporate stock photographs we use on our websites, which we carefully choose from a portfolio of hundreds of thousands, and for which we have paid for. What a coincidence…

* Our web page with our original photograph paid for.-
* Their webpage with the same photograph.-

I don’t know about this. Are all the photos on their site hte same as yours or just this one? Might be worth contacting the photo company and finding out if they paid for it? this seems very minor.

Lawbirds, if anything in most of the forums where you were mentioned little negative was said, although maybe there was an attempt to create doubt about yourselves. Infact several poster had positive comments.

I don’t know if JJB has recommended his partner/lawyer, which if he has withought specifying their relationship, then yes you are right, it is a bit under-handed.