Reply To: Transferring Spanish property to UK company


@katy wrote:

perhaps I am wrong 😕 I would have thought that any property transfer in Spain has to pay 7% sales tax. If it’s so easy why haven’t more people done it?

I understand that quite a few are doing it now that the Benefit In Kind tax on company property usage has been abolished. The OP has obviously heard of it, my mate has done it, I have known about it for about 12 months and I know of another guy who has done it.

Honestly, you guys bend over backwards to abide by Spanish taxation rules that are, IMHO draconion, they tax you from every direction possible so why not look at a legally tested alternative? I’m not selling anything, just passing on my answer to the OP who has obviously worked out how little of the value of his property will go to his kids by doing things your way.