Reply To: A messge to Mark Stucklin



Hi Charlie

Didnt realise it but now you mention it Ihave just had a look. I guess it just goes toshow that people still appreciate humour.

Totally agree about being on the ground mind. It is essential – there are bargains tobe had but as you say buyers need tobe here to know they are a bargain and why (ie the place is not just cheap but good value – as mentionedby someone else or others previously on this thread)

Thanks for the coment about the music. Am hopefully launching a CD in May (debut) just puttng finishing touches (mind have been doing that for two years now soit should be ready youd think). Will let you know. Tur of Spain,Germany and UK in theplanning stages too so all going well.

Hope allis well with youand I noticed Claire around earlier onone of the threads

Good luck to one and all