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@El anciano wrote:

I think it is impossible to predict percentage falls, especially over a period of years.

I agree.

@El anciano wrote:

I look at pricing form the point of view of a Spanish buyer, as I believe ultimately they drive the market. And, I believe that affordabilty for 1st time buyers is the key to the national market

In Spain this is difficult as many Spanish don’t use estate agents. They also still buy with black money which causes an unrealistic price average at the land registry.

@El anciano wrote:

In recent times 1st time buyers have been taking out large mortgages, and spreading them over long terms, now they find it difficult to get a mortgage, they have lost confidence in

At present, off-shore mortgages from Gibraltar at 2.5% are popular with the Spanish buyers, they are taking advantage of the UK interest rates and generally think its a good time to buy if they are still in work.