Reply To: A messge to Mark Stucklin


charlie wrote:
lenox wrote:
… maybe you may want to wait another year or two before buying a home in Spain – but, do you want to waste another couple of years living in the UK or Ireland.

It’s not necessary “to waste another couple of years”. If you have the money to buy and are able to leave UK, surely the solution is to stick your money somewhere safe bringing in some interest and simply rent while riding out the fall in prices. There are certainly tons of rentals out there for the choosing.
To buy now rather than wait to me is madness, prices are only going one way in the foreseeable future.

Elizabeth C has a (already reduced) 450,000 euro villa for sale. I have a feeling she may well need to reduce further before a sale is found.

“To buy now rather than wait is madness” absolutely right, Spain can build futuristic airports, spend fortunes promoting Spain at travel fairs, but whilst most people have no money to spend and if they do have money they can go to plenty of other places for half the cost of coming to Spain.
What Spain needs to do is rebuild its image, stop property rip offs, train people in the tourist industry properly , in my opinion the level of service in the tourist industry has gone down in proportion to the rise in prices. To attract the Brits back the pound needs to rise to levels of 140-150 to the euro.

Getting back to property, with so much rubbish on the market which is impossible to sell at any price, the future is bleak.