Reply To: Channel 4 TV misleading programmes?

Claire wrote:
goodstich44 wrote:
……..well at least it’s not raining.

Well…it is here…..things have got that bad already! 😉

“We ain´t seen nothing yet”!!. It is going to get a lot worse.

The reason why most people did not see the recession coming was due to politicians conning them into believing that the boom would last for ever.

Blair won three elections on lies about the economy, the Cobbler lied to the Spanish people before the last general election, all the signs were there that the effluent was about to hit the fan but he and Solbes, the economy minister stated up to the day of the election that the Spanish economy was soundly based and that growth would be 2%, that was for year 2008.

The world is in a mess, Russia is almost bankcrupt again, the former eastern bloc countries , Ukraine, Bulgaria , Rumania ,Poland etc are not far off. Anything could happen in China. The Asian stock markets were very weak today, the FTSE is down almost 100 points.

Back to the morality of Channel 4, I have not seen the programmes but if everything on this forum is true the presenters, authorities should be shot.

In society today, so called celebs , who mostly are tramps ,will recommend anything so long as they get a big fee. So called “experts” have just jumped on the latest bandwaggon, 10years ago it was double glazing, then property, then ……. Whatever the bandwaggon is they jump on it, the fact they know nothing about the market is irrelevant they
see it as a licence to print money. if people(punters,mugs) get hurt is of no consequence to them.

I remember a programme on the radio from the UK I listened to on the internet, a “property expert” she sounded about 20 years of age was advising everyone to buy in Spain, the date was late 2007 or early 2008.
She was talking such rubbish I tried to phone the radio station but the line was always busy , so sent an e mail commenting that she was talking nonsense in general and in respect of the LRAU land law in Valencia rubbish in particular. Much to my surprise the presenter read out most of my e mail, this “expert” said that the LRAU land law was only to protect
the environment and was of no interest to property buyer. I wonder what she would say now, as 20,000 names have been presented IN A PETICION to the European Council about abuses from the LRAU laws. On reflection I expect the “property expert” is now a beauty consultant or whatever the new “hot” business is.

Everyone should beware of false prophets bringing promises of “green shoots”. Beware of local newspapers and radio stations promising as the Master said”Better times are just around the corner” in reply to that it is going to be a very long corner ,could take 4-5 years to negotiate it.