Reply To: Channel 4 TV misleading programmes?



I suppose they could argue it was just to give this particular programme some dramatic effect. I wasnt surprised by their story as I’ve been more suprised that every week some drama unfolded usually relating to an owner not being fully prepared or unlikely to be ready for their customers. Its more a problem if advertising properties and suggesting they are something they are not. Its like the artisitic license some agents employ when describing a property. One blurb we received advertised a property as a ‘semi ruin, liveable, with WC and shower requiring major reformation’ Further inspection showed it had four walls and a corrugated roof providing a 10 foot square room- no door, a porta loo of questionable age and a pipe protruding from high on a side wall above a gravel pit (this was the shower.) The remaining property was mounds of rubble. The only truth was that it required major reformation!!