Reply To: Lansbanski victims on CDS


I don’t think common sense is nearly enough. As Lenox says so well ‘we also have a responsibility towards our community’.

There’s information on this thread about a company advertising on REM. I’m not in Spain & don’t know who is being referred to, but surely those who do know have a responsibility to at least try & do something about this.

On another note; most of us have seen the British REAs dressed up as flamenco dancers who pounce on new arrivals at Spanish airports with their castanets, even before they’ve collected their luggage or made it into the Arrivals Hall. It seems that EU Laws have also been broken here (will post more on this). It may seem a trivial matter to some, but for many, this is when their nightmares started.

However ‘vulnerable’ people may be, they should still be protected by the Laws that are in place for this very purpose.