Lynn I can see that they wont transfer the money from two properties into one- they see them as separate contracts. Is your name on both properties or has your Grandmother signed contracts for one? If so surely there’s some legal redress there as you cant continue a purchase if deceased.

On the point of the solar panels: purchasers on Jardines and Naranjos knew from early in the release of Mirador that they were to have reduced terraces and solar panels. It caused quite a buzz across the forums mostly along the lines of ‘why are they getting those and not us?’ I saw design plans on various agents sites showing the reduced terrace. However I agree that the models at the HQ didnt represent those pictures merely showed the original Jardines style.

It was the same when it was discovered they would create a groundfloor two bed on Mirador as the Jardines and Naranjos only have three bed ground floor apartments. Lots of consternation- we would have considered two bed ground floor had it been available.

PW have been down these lines of problems many times before, have a legal department dedicated to sorting these things in PW’s favour. They have their contracts tight enough to delay and confuse and they know most people fall by the wayside because of cost and difficulties in communication. They say this is what you have to expect when buying off plan.