I wrote a letter to Polaris actually begging for them to allow me to buy one property to live in. They have replied and stated they will not transfer my payments to the one apartment. Even though my circumstances have changed, they have the only money I own. I explained my situation which over christmas my Grandmother died she was going to be in the other apartment which I originally signed for and used my savings money to pay her stage payments until she had sold her house in the UK. I now only require one apartment. Polaris World have told me they cannot afford to sell me just one property. They admit they are finding it difficult to sell any of their properties. I really cannot understand their way of thinking why would they rather try to have sell two properties to someone else than sell me one then they only have to sell one?. I cannot come to terms with the fact that I will have to rent a property for the rest of my life as they have all my savings.
I hope the people who were buying at Mirador have a happy ending but it will be a very long drawn out process if trying to get any money back. 😥