Reply To: Channel 4 TV misleading programmes?



I do think those old programmes should be taken off or edited to include a warning. Sometimes watch them when ironing. What amazing rubbish Amanda Lamb and others were saying. eg. well I have spoken to the local mayor and he says there will be not problem with………etc. I knew an Agent in one series and he had only been working in the job two weeks! They don’t show old holiday programmes when you could get a meal for 150 pesetas so why these.

Some people are not touched by a recession. The last one was only a word to us. Even sold a house in the UK above asking price. This seems worse, maybe because our investments and income have taken a hit. I would certainly not be looking to invest in property for many years, the stock market is looking a better bet. Still money to be made with the fluctuations, some investors must have done very well over the past few months.