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is there a minimum wage, or rights for low paid, or a union with teeth?, or is it ‘business as usual’ in Spain, in as much as you can treat people how you like, and if you can get away with it, then good luck to you’?

There is a minimum wage in Spain, it was first used in 1963, beating Tony Blair by some 38 years.

It tends to be set as a monthly amount and I think it is probably around €700 at present.

Oddly enough, Spain and the UK have the lowest percentage of it’s workforce on the national minimum wage compared to other EU countries.

However, Spanish employment contracts are so heavily stacked against the employer that many people are employed on short-term contracts which after a while must be turned into permanent contracts, this causes a high churn rate of staff and consequently a low wage ratio for certain industries as the staff never become experienced and long serving enough to get a pay increase or promotion.