Reply To: Channel 4 TV misleading programmes?



I wouldn’t say Channel 4 or any other TV network goes out of it’s way to dupe people into buying at the top of the market.

Primarily because no one knows when that will be, any more than we know when the bottom of the market is reached. It’s only after the event we know what has happened.

The property industry has to go on, it employs millions world-wide.

I don’t see anyone calling for the car industry to stop promoting cars even though they are suffering too.

The simple fact is, people are still looking for and even still buying property around the world. Even in a recesssion. One of the most obvious things to do to help the family budget is to downsize their home.

There are also many people still doing quite well in this recession and they will be looking for larger homes for their expanding families.

We have been through recessions many times in the past 50 years, however this one has grown out of proportion in comparison to others, mainly because of the power of the vastly expanded communication industry and the power of the internet and forums like this.

It used to be that we only heard bad news of the economy in a few TV channels at 9 or 10pm. Now we get it 24/7 from thousands of sources, this only serves to compound the same problems over and over again.