Reply To: Judges’ Strike Action & Clogged Courts



Goodstich 44
Glad you can see it from my side as I have formed a great relationship with my solicitor based in Spain and we are in contact everyday and has become a bit like a sister to myself and my wife.
Like me she is so against the corruption in Spain and perhaps she gets a little cynical when all she and I see is an empty victory if a succesful claim in courts leave her clients with a compounded lost having to pay legal fees with no payout.
Bit like a murderer getting convicted and be allowed to walk out of the back door with a nice payday.
Perhaps thats why I dont wet myself and feel we are winning some war (AS THEY SAY SHOW ME THE MONEY) just because someone has obtained a Judgement which appears are hardly being defended through lack of defence funds and there are so many cases piling up in the courts is hardly encouraging.
The level of claims developers are such that they are either sinking or will sink and a Banking System thats about to go tits up.
Anyway now we agree that Lawbird and some other solicitors in Spain are good at what they do then theres hope for most of us and inparticular if said solicitors carry out financial checks before spending clients money.
Lets face it many Spanish Solicitors saw us coming and personally I ran into a wall once I would rather not do it again.
Thinks its good to have a reality check once is a while to appreciate that winning a court fight is a minor pin prick of the problems many of us have.
Goodstich .Bet Lawbird are rubbing there hands at the moment as you couldnt buy this sort of advertising and publicity.
Still good on em and keep it in the family thats what I say.

Kind Regards

Just Frank 8)