Reply To: Judges’ Strike Action & Clogged Courts


I dont know where your going with this 😕 Let me try to explain.
As far as actual litigation goes its clear that Lawbird are first class at what they do and I would and do recommend them in a few cases.
I have no intention of changing my solicitor as she is excellent up to a level.
When that level is reached its past onto the litigation department however she will have carried her homework to ensure clients are not only going the have a good chance of winning but ensuring her clients would get paid.
A court victory in her eyes is rather empty if she has to give her client a bill for thousands of Euros when they had little chance of getting true victory and thats getting paid.
Rather like a solicitor in the U.K who specialise in variuos sectors.
Hopefully that clears the matter up for you.

Just Frank 8)