Reply To: Spain and UK seem to be competing for biggest fall in ’09



@rt21 wrote:

Whilst I wouldn’t dispute what you say in terms of your own experience, I think it would take a very brave person to up sticks, move to another country and risk their capital in starting up a new businees in what are very dire and unpredictable times.


Absolutely true Richard. Your views are fully representative of those who have deep reservations about starting a new life in; not just overseas locations but also in their home towns in the UK.

But, if you sat with the right person for 60 minutes, who could help you see beyond your envisaged pitfalls and reservations, then your questions and doubts would be replaced with an interest in seriously considering the right enterprise for you.

Not all advice is good, especially when given with the wrong intentions, but sound practical advice, born out of experience and proven track record often speaks for itself.

No-one can possibly move area/country and percieve all the problems and obstacles they could encounter, thats why even; Tescos, McDonalds, Starbucks and blue-chip companys seek local business expertise before the expand into new countries.

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be honest.