There are two Jardines that should have had two pools and ended up with just one. However, in total there are 12 pools across the 13 Jardines. 1 was never going to have a pool. I think these Jardines have their LFO (certainly hab certs now) Lynns particular Jardine completed through Aug and Sept with the others steadily following to complete and Naranjos Jardines continuing to complete now- some Naranjos owners are awaiting their Hab Certs but they are coming through eventually. Not reading/hearing any issues about Bank Guarantees for these properties now although it was raised alot during early and mid 2008 (we got ours each time) There arent any issues in relation to these Jardines with planning permission, that was resolved long, long ago. A phase due to be built during 2009 is on hold (credit crunch) as it hadnt sold well, but the resort infastructure is ongoing.

This particular Jardines loss of a pool caused a lot of upset at the time, it seems most people came to terms with it or took the alternative apartment offered by Polaris. Its true a play area isnt what most people want to look out on, but they aren’t awful- we are side on to one. The brochures and plans do say the developer can make modifications and sadly I haven’t heard of anyone who has had success using this scenario as breach of contract, and I do know a few tried. There was an issue about the position of pergolas on the roof terraces- people had selected their apartment with a front or rear pergola and when they came to view they had the opposite to their expectations. They got no where with their complaints or demands for compensation. Some were offered another apartment but were required to pay a transfer fee- not sure if anyone took up that offer.

I think Lynn needs to speedily get better legal advice as maybe her 1st Solicitor let her down.