Reply To: Where did a lot of money disappear to?



Hi rickty69
Thank you for your reply .
I have altered my last paragraph as it didnt read as it should ( not unusual for me however)
I am a little confused as you say you are called Tina and Ricky was your brother on the plane.
Sadly if Ricky was anywhere near this lot then there will probably be no sympathy coming from this forum.
Now you may be able to help us as you must be concerned that not one body was found in that crash. ?NOT ONE đŸ™„
Why do all of the links to O.V.P and those involve with Sean still all link to Brazil.( Forget the ones that have been planted to take the flack)
I do mean the main [layers as they can be linked through intensive amounts of time tracking them through various companies /websites where they try to duck and dive.
Why do those main players often seem to be out of the country at the same time?
If you dont mind my asking? What bought you to post on this Spanish Property forum in the first place.( hardly something you would find by chance )?
Tina ? If your are sincere then surely you would want to help us to clear your brothers name as being in the company of bastards like this lot.
This plane was hardly a scheduled flight was it ?
He was hardly invited to come on board as a passenger for a fun day out?
Dont you think its strange that most on board were lets say avoiding issues and questions.
I am not like the others on the forum as I do have an open mind/sensible
and keep to facts at all times .So ?
Was Sean Woodhall got by the Wari-Tride or was it the Lions . đŸ˜•

Just Frank 8)