Reply To: Rent to sell contract (tax issues)


Hi Shakeel, thanks for your reply, it’s always good to get another perspective on things.

I’ll go into more details so it’s clear.

1. The lump sum (30,000) is refundable at all times
2. The 1000 amount per month is only 50% refundable if they don’t buy before or at the point of 5 years – 100% of what they pay is taken off the asking price.
3. The price is fixed for 5 years at 150k (Which is a good price and also I can’t really see anything happening in the future with upward prices, yes we could be wrong, but hindsight isn’t available and in 5 years people may be saying what a fantastic decission or that was crap, we are willing to risk it)

4. The rent for the property in El Bosque (Cadiz Prov) would be 300 or less per month, so if they don’t buy we are getting 500.
5. No agents involved.