Reply To: Advice whether to sell on Costa Blanca?



Property is the same as any other investment. You buy at one price and hope to sell higher having enjoyed your investment benefits.
In the case of a holiday home its the time you have enjoyed there. In share investment its the dividend. One cancels out the other. By that I mean share dividend can pay for a holiday in just the same way. Shares go up as well as down. Property has never been any different.
In the last 10 years in UK especially there has been a mind set that property investment was a one way street. You cannot lose! I have heard that said so often. It was wrong then, wrong now, wrong always.
Investment is about risk. Your risk. It does not matter if you put your money in a bank, shares, anunities, bonds, shares or property. The risk is the same depending which way the market wind is blowing.
At the moment property is on the floor and heading for the basement. However if you can the best option to to hold on. Hold on to your investment and enjoy whatever benefits you can.
Selling to cut loss is an end game. Stay positive things will get better. They always do.