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My post was not expressing support for the corrupt system in Spain. I was simply pointing out a few realities.
In business it is realities you have to deal with. Idealism has a place but not if you want to survive in business. Remember it’s business that employs people and creates wealth and income for governments to redistribute.
In the conflict between idealism and pragmatism the latter usually succeeds.
If you expect some salvation from the European Union I believe you will be very disappointed.
The EU is simply a collection of sovereign nations trading with each other. Despite the efforts and propaganda of the federalists. Spain remains sovereign. Their cultural identity is consistently authentic and alive. The positive and negative values which have led to the corrupt practices within the political/ legal/business establishment are all part of the countries nature and character. For better or worse.
I do not say that this state of affairs should remain. More that the Spanish people are the folks whose responsibility it is to force through change. Not foreigners be they from the EU or not.
Nothing gets up the Spanish, French, Italian, and British nose more than a foreigner telling the people how they should behave.
I believe apart from anything else it’s bad manners.
How the name of Franco cropped up here is a mystery apart from seeking a historical source for behaviour and yes his legacy still persists.
However please do not confuse the ability and ambition to make money as anything but a positive way to live your life. Not greed or exploitation. That in my opinion is the language of envy.