Reply To: Spain and UK seem to be competing for biggest fall in ’09



@katy wrote:

They may not be giving up much in the UK but they will be getting less in Spain…least of all a job. I don’t know anyone who wants to move here now, people are only envious because of the climate.

I take your comment on the climate as a valid point katy.

However, I understand how easy it is to become disillusioned after a few years living the dream, especially when the credit crunch has put paid to many peoples jobs and ventures here in Spain.

About a year ago, I spent sometime with an English friend of mine living in France, he was a business consultant ( a very good one) and after settling into life in France, he created a small consultancy helpng ex-pats to start up, buy or run a business to help increase their income abroad.

I replicated his idea here in Spain, and have found it taking off in the past several months.

For UK citizens arriving in Spain with a new life in prospect, they can tap into advice and help regarding business ideas, helping them avoid the pitfalls and beurocracy at the start, they can also be shown hidden markets, new markets and be more effective with their promotions and marketing.

THe common businesses most ex-pats start here in Spain are, B&B/self-catering, building, bars/cafe, plumbing, electrical, buy to let, IT work and a host of others. In order to hit the ground running with these businesses, it is important to understand the new economic and market forces that prevail in a country you know little about, that is were many peole go wrong and often where they loose their operating capital in the first year.

They get advice from people in bars, they encounter legal problems and may even be trying to operate their idea in a saturated market with little idea about existing established competition.

I have seen since October last year, 3 business start-ups achieve some real success by listening to good advice and guidence.

It is still possible to come to Spain and create a succesful business, as it is still in the UK, so in reality, finding a way to earn a living in Spain need not be a barrier to moving out and starting a new life.

Like all things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way of starting a business, but if it is the right idea, at the right time in the right area, with effective marketing it will succeed.

I see no shortage of ideas, or markets even in todays economic climate.