Reply To: Not so Easyjet Saga II


you should stop the whinging, and if the kids complain whack them round the ear.
that should solve the problems for you.
i flew e.j. last year going to barca. had to divert to paris, cos some idiot was having a heart attack on board, so damn inconsiderant. anyway we had to get off the plane and then told not another one until following morning. this being early evening when landed. sad thing was there was some sort of do on in paris that evening and there was no accommadation to be found at all. we were lucky as had a friend who lives there, so not to bad for us.arrived in the morning to fly on to barca, and funny enough the only one that looked good on the flight was the guy who had the heart attack, as he was ok only a false alarm. got back to england a week later ready to throw bricks etc at e.j. about our problems (there was 4 of us), but by the time i got round to it there was a cheque on the mat for £760-00 and that without asking. bearing in mind the flghts only cost me £250-00 not bad heh. about whacking the kds around the ear, prob not a good idea, bit my 2 kids reminded me some time ago that i was not allowed to, so i said that i would anyway, then when the police came i would whack them again, then when i got out of prison i would whack them again, THEY GOT THE MESSAGE. I DONT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE AGAINST KIDS ESPECIALLY AS MINE ARE NOW 18 & 20 NOW.