Reply To: 2009 commitment


The Open Letter to the Commissioners, Ministers, UK MEPs etc was sent yesterday morning. I’ve tried without success to put a copy on this thread but Computer says No for some unexplained reason – not even daughter can help with this one.

I was able, however, to put it on Eye on Spain and will continue to try to get it on here.

Any support you can give will I believe be extremely helpful. Just don’t let up this month, folks. Thanks

From my original posting:

I would like to throw some ideas into the ring and for now I want to suggest some specific actions that could be taken. I would like to ask you to think about doing one or all of the following:

a) if you have not already sent a petition of your own to the Petitions Committee in the EP that you do that asap.
b) write to ALL the MEPs in your area – this would support my blanket mailing – and to your MP to make them aware of your situation. Only one letter needs to be written and that copied to them all. Those of you who have done this in the past please send a follow-up letter to update them (and not let them off the hook).
c) visit your MP at his/her next surgery and ask them to support you in an individual protest letter – look them firmly in the eye. We put them there to do this kind of thing for us!
d) write to the Spanish Ombudsman.
e) write to the Spanish Bar Association. Ilustre Colegio de Abogados (branches in each province) or directly to the President of the CGPJ – Consejo General del Poder Judicial (The General Council of the Judiciary)
f) write to or ring your local newspaper and get a story printed. Don’t be shy.
g) make sure you have signed the Spanish Property Scandal Petition and, where it’s appropriate, the petition to the Governor of the Bank of Spain.
h) attend protests where it’s physically possible to do and cheer on by email where you can’t.

I’m sure you have more ideas and suggestions that you can make so lets put our heads together so that we can bang the drum and make as much noise as possible.
We need a flood of mail and a tide of publicity.
We need to keep up the pressure.
We need to stand by each other.