No winging. As you say serveral times the word “most.”
Nah. I used to get the vendors to tell my what valuations they had.
You know £295.995 and 50 p 😕
Before I had even visited I ensured I had done my homework and show them where I had arrived at the valuation.
Always found is that if you treat people with respect I didnt need the inflated price trick to get them on the books.
Thats not a true estate agent , thats just a lister.
There is always the higher,medium and lower price and I worked within that.
I would of course go to what the top end was of a true valuation to attempt to get the best price.( thats what I was paid for)
Medium if they were in no great rush and of course the lower if an urgent sale was required i.e they had seen their next property of their dreams at the right price.
Anything higher than that then they went elswhere as I wasnt prepared to waste my money and have them winging a couple of weeks later.
They normally came back when the property was sticking as they were very unhappy that their property was still on the market after 12 months or the offer was well below the valuation I had given them in the first place.
Yep Totally agree with the comments regarding some so called agents and in particular in Spain ( been there seen it) as like some solicitors they are simply scum.
Not interested if you think I am in the game trying to look 100% honest as I also realised thats the sort of vendictive way the mind has to look at to get by in that trade at times.
Another reason I got out. 👿
45 Years 😯 You need a bloody medal.
As always there are good and bad in most things in life.I just feel at times the Estate Agent gets more than his fair share of the crap as there are indeed some very good ones.

Just Dan 8)