@Chris McCarthy wrote:

I obviously don’t want to know the price of your property, but can I ask if will you be dropping this in percentage terms from what you might have thought of its value say a year or two ago?

I’m in the fortunate position of having bought cheaply and having renovated slowly & sensibly over the years.

Having seen what other property in this town is presently on the market for (100k+ and not selling) I think I know where to pitch my asking price in order to sell (sub 100k), which is no more or less than I would have anticipated last year (or the year before that even), because I’m not and have never been unrealistic or greedy about property values (I work in the building industry myself, tho not as an estate agent…)

I’ve already bought another property so, as I said, I’m not desperate to sell. Maybe it will sell quickly-ish, maybe it won’t! The proceeds will go into another property in Spain anyway and so values are all relative…