Reply To: Possible repossession


My first post on here so please forgive my blunt introduction –

@mehudspith wrote:

She states that it is unlikely that I would be pursued for the money in England and that it would be written-off and all that would happen is that I would have a bad credit rating for loans in Spain from now on (and would probably be a fool to ever visit Spain again).

mehudspith, you really need to find another solicitor if thats the advice you were given. The spanish bank certainly WILL pursue you outside spain for your debt.

@El anciano wrote:

I came close to this with my UK home, and in the end sold the house below market value just to get rid of the issue

So you’re now coming from the other side of the fence then having had the ‘benefit’ of that experience?

@El anciano wrote:

What you have been told sounds about right, but I do not have 1st hand experience of this

El anciano – maybe you should be called ‘El Loco’. Please think before you start giving out half-cocked advice and if you don’t know than best to keep schtum. It doesn’t “sound about right”, it sounds 100% incorrect and
it’s irresponsible of you to advise anyone to the contrary.

Once again, please forgive my bluntness. Feel free to slate me but please don’t ignore what I’m saying!