Reply To: Protest March: Almería City: 9th January at 12 noon.




well thank heavens for common sense. What Concha Arranz is saying is what the people posting on this thread, and hopefully the majority know to be right. How much longer can Spain ignore the fact that it’s own people in positions of power are still ruining their country (with the help of UK crooks and sharks from Spain and other countries) in the name of corruption and greed, despite the ugly facts being out in the open.

I so much want this protest march to succeed, not just for the Priors, though heaven knows, that’s a good enough reason, but for everyone who has lost through no fault of their own, and for the Spanish people. They are a proud race, i and i feel sure they would prefer their country to be once again seen as a desirable place to visit and live, not a corrupt joke that it’s been reduced to in some regions in last few years.

This perhaps really could be the start of forced change if enough people have the spirit to drive it forward?