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Charlie 😀
You posted
!How can there ever be real accurate calculations on this matter” ??
There are none Frank – we’re all in unchartered waters with this one. “

Agree so how can we calculate percentage losses with any accuracy.
Oh Yep. 😥 Think we all agree one that one and losses will be across the board.
Ashtondav. Thanks for that.Makes grim reading for property almost everywhere. 🙁
My simple way of looking at this in these unchartered waters is.
Position 1. Some paid 240,000 Euros for a 56 sq m2, total build 74 sq m2 poor quality apartment in again Manilva with masses of land available to build and little further investment to bring in promised infrastructure.
Now lets move back up the coast to.
Position 2. 295.000 Euros paid for a 125 sq ms,total build 195 sq m2 much higher quality property in a far better area in every possible way you can think of with no build licences being given.
Now postion 2 is bad however position 1 is a complete nightmare as alone you could live in the later the first being a holiday home with lots less taking holidays.
To confuse matters further some paid over 100.000 Euros more for similar smaller property as position 2 in the same area.
This is unchartered waters alright and the boat hasnt even got a damn rudder 😯

Just Frank 8)