Reply To: Has Marbella Had Its Day ? — Marbella Vs Mallorca


@UBEDA wrote:

yes, there are/ were a few bad apples but please don’t paint such a black picture of Spain.

It’s hard not to.
The problems have not just been “a few bad apples”. When you have corruption right through to the core, from town halls to judges… the Junta itself, just tell me why anyone should trust Spain. They have been very instrument in adding to Spain’s current crisis.

Valencia and it’s Land Grab fiasco is on a massive scale, and if you haven’t done so already have a read of the Prior’s update. Don’t tell me these are “greedy consumers”.
Their story makes me feel nauseas with anger and show perfectly how their is no logic to the injustice found in Spain. It’s sheer unadulterated corruption coupled with political self-serving insane decisions. And the pawns in this crazy stew of a ‘game’ are innocent purchasers.

Spain is currently riddled with ‘disease’ right through to its heart and will take years to clear out if it ever it happens. Shakeel describes it exactly in my opinion – it’s the Wild West of Europe.