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@Just Frank wrote:

To answer the question.
Marbella is large there are some great areas and will always be the Jewel in the crown on the Coasta del Sol for every reason Inez has pointed out.

Just Frank 8)

Agree with that Frank.

I am not so optimistic about the place as Inez. Even discounting the “bad press” Marbella and the coast has had. Official stats cannot be ignored. Out today are really bad retail sales figures, don’t make the headlines of doom and gloom like the UK but they are there. Unemployment in Andalucía 18.7% and expected to be far higher for Dec. 10,887 unemployed in Marbella (up 9% from Oct)! I personally know 8 people who have recently lost their jobs and the Golf courses have started to cut back on staff too. Dec a usually quiet time has about an average of only 30 people daily. This month many days have seen only 6 people playing and many of those were members.

I know both British and Spanish who cannot find a job. A Friend queued for 3 hours to register at the Unemployment office two weeks ago. July and August is Ok as most visitors are Spanish but even then the difference has been noted this year as to their spending patterns, not eating in restaurants as much etc.

British visitors had already dropped over the past few winters (before the crunch and the currency crash) but these past few months has been dire. Was shopping in the old town on 23rd and the streets were almost deserted, never seen it like that in all the years I have been here.

As for Banus, some of the luxury designer shops are threatening to pull out citing, lack of security, increased prostitution and general lack of maintenence of the area, cleanliness etc. Although I should think their main concern is lack of clients!

On Xmas day we have a tradition of having our main meal in the evening and having a light fish lunch in marbella centre. It is usually very busy with locals and was yesterday, only walking though, everyone of the restaurants had an average of 4 people in…last year most were full 🙁

I may not be able to tell it like an Agent but I know what I see and what the Spanish are saying. Still prefer Marbella to Mallorca though and last year we thought mallorca was more expensive of the two 🙂