Reply To: Brits in Spain feeling the pinch


@Just Frank wrote:


As I say typical British atttidude that we are better than everyone else and no wonder other countries have little time for us.
This Country is a very sad reflection of its proud past ask the friends little girl who went to see father Christmas and wondered why she could sit on his lap like in the pictures and had to stand 6 feet away.
As I said the demand is there to move and many do feel trappen in their own country thats got it wrong in almost every case.
See how you feel at the end of 2009.

You seem to have an obsession with being trapped. This country is what it is. I was not born here, I lived in USA, Romania, Germany and Italy and find UK to be better
in many ways and worse in some ways.

I have never heard any Romanian, US citizen German citizen or Italian citizen to say that they are trapped in their own countries. People left their countries because they found a better job somewhere else, because they got married somewhere else or simply because they found hapiness somewhere else.

MOreover, I have not heard any of the British people I know to say they feel trapped.

Hapiness is what you make of your life, the presence of Sun and even money cannot
make a person happy by themselves.