Reply To: Brits in Spain feeling the pinch


Well at least you may have pubs that may remain open.
1.25 for a pint ? Bloody hell have one on me when yer next there sounds like wassy wassy land.

Sister is living in Spain for the past 6 years and has received excellent care and standard of living and to them Spain is home.
Always can pop back in a couple of hours anyway though they havent bothered for 4 years as they say theres nothing to come back for.
Many friends that wouldnt come back if you paid them.
There is crime in every country so whats yer point.
There are always going to be a good percentage that thought the grass may have be greener but family ties and the unexpected always have and always will be reasons to what to come back to anywhere in the world/
The thing is that they had a go and for many its worked very well for many and good on em for having the balls to do it instead of the saddos sitting on fences blabbing .I told you so.
Who are you to come on a Spanish Forum and insult them ,dig dirt at every opportunity and when someone bring home the facts that this country is less than perfect you say they should be shipped out. 😕
As I say typical British atttidude that we are better than everyone else and no wonder other countries have little time for us.
This Country is a very sad reflection of its proud past ask the friends little girl who went to see father Christmas and wondered why she could sit on his lap like in the pictures and had to stand 6 feet away.
As I said the demand is there to move and many do ( Flosmicheal) feel trapped in their own country thats got it wrong in almost every case.
See how you feel at the end of 2009.

Just Frank 8)