Reply To: Brits in Spain feeling the pinch



The UK would be better off if the people who continually run it down were to ship out. True it has problems, but what country has not?
Frank, hope you saved your money up to pay for your health care should you ever need it before retirement age, or benefits of any kind should you need them in Spain. If you think there is no crime etc in Spain, well…. 🙄

We have several friends who have retired to Spain. Two couples sold their UK homes (after they moved to Spain to cover the increase in living costs since moving there. Too draining on income to keep two homes running. They are finding life quite difficult now and worrying, as their income is sterling based. They are not able to live to the standard to which they had become accustomed. Golf has been sidelined and entertainment, eating out etc. down to the minimum.
There’s more to life than sunshine! You can’t beat a cold & frosty morning! 🙂