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Charlie a real classic.
Hello Chris – nice to see you back after more than two years. At least you didn’t disappear in the Brazilian Rain Forest! 😆 😆 😆

Well .Had this email yesterday from a friend of a friend
Someone thats supposed to be in the know has just paid 3m Euros for a property in Elviria thats in need of.
Now he is confident enough to buy this property at this price as building licences are almost impossible to get there.
His big gamble is that he will get planning to develop this building
However at the moment he is having a massive problem with getting the go ahead because of the past problems in Marbella and if he fails then he looses around 2.5 M.
Thats one hell of a gamble now either this guy is a complete idiot or?
Malaga is expanding to accomodate a very different client base .
Thousands of Brits are going to have to bail out on court cases they cant win or afford legal fees or mortgage payments because of the exchange rates.
They of course lose 30/40/50/60/70% deposits and someone bags a bargain.
My reply to who is going to buy now is anyone really apart from the British or anyone with a currency thats going tits up.

Just Frank 8)

Great to see your posting Chris.