Reply To: Who buys in Spain now?

Chris M

Thanks Katy,

It is nice to be back; especially as I have a bit of time on my hands over the coming days and I can get to talk about Spain while looking out at grey skies until after Three Kings.

Well, your friends two Spanish viewings kind of adds to my information from yesterday and we have at least shown flosmichael that there is someone out there

As to your other point, yes I have a few ideas for sellers, always had more than a few actually, some have been good and some… well hands up they have been bad.

So long as I stay on the right side of not commercially posting I might let a few out as we go but I don’t know if they would be what people would expect me to say. In fact we might start the mother of all arguments, as I have just had a righteous debate and then downright row with a good friend of mine who is selling and thinks my advice is an outrage.

It is a kind of long story to post though, but it may help a few sellers and buyers too, everyone has to win in the end.

It starts with my friend having his property valued at €400,000 in early 2007 and me telling him to sell it today for around €230,000 and he won’t be any worse off.

Want to hear that one?